Proof Reading

Theses, reports, leaflets, manuscripts, articles, etc.

Once a document is typeset or in its final presentation style we will proof read it for you. We will check for consistency in numbering, headings, titles, footers. That all references are presented in a similar way, and that any footnotes, endnotes or numbered references match. We will also check for consistency within your text, such as all references to a specific item, e.g. dates, are all presented in the same format, and that all spellings are consistent and there is not a mixture of styles throughout, e.g. s or z in words such as initialize/initialise, for which you will choose your preference, and many more items.

If you have specific items that you want checked, you only have to ask. We will discuss all aspects to ensure that we do the job to your satisfaction.

You can contact us by phone, e-mail or post to discuss your document.

Just click the ‘contact us’ button for details on how to get in touch.