It is very difficult to give specific prices as each job is different and many factors may alter between different requirements, such as type of paper used, or degree of complexity in graphical design component, or processes and skills involved. Giving general prices for jobs would also entail putting restrictions on your project in respect of flexibility of content and type of materials to be used, which we do not want to do.

At abpublishing we aim to treat each job individually rather than putting a flat rate on everything regardless of complexity. We would need to see the extent of the job and discuss requirements with you before giving an estimate. These initial communications up to and including production of an estimate are FREE. That way, if your job is relatively straight forward, it will not cost as much as a more complex project. Therefore, we price each job on its own merits and content, and you only pay for the skills, complexity and time involved in production.

We are more than happy to discuss the content and skills required for your project by phone, e-mail or post.

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