Complete Publishing Package

We can offer a complete publishing package for your book or booklet. Do you have a family history or a memoir you would like to see in print, but don’t want too many copies printed?

Look no further. abpublishing can help you. We will take your text, type it up, edit it, typeset, including constructing the front pages, adding in any tables, photos or illustrations you want, proof read, index, design the book cover, provide an ISBN, print, place details on the national book database, and even deal with purchase requests. At each stage you will be involved.

Before work even starts we will discuss various aspects of the project and settle many points before embarking on the job. If you have already typed up your masterpiece, no worries, we will take your electronic file and start with the editing. We will discuss book titles if you are having problems deciding on a suitable and succinct one, and suggest possible cover designs and colours. At each stage we will discuss the next step with you before embarking on it. We can provide an ISBN for your book, which will be published by our company, but you will retain all copyright to the intellectual material and we will only retain copyright on the layout and design. If you decide to have an ISBN, your book details will be placed on the national database through which all book wholesalers order their supplies. We are also happy to field all purchase enquiries, thereby shielding you from the general public. We have dealt with a very reliable book printer for some years, and with which company we are highly satisfied as to their competitiveness in pricing and the quality of their work. They are happy to take on short print runs, so if you only want 30 books that will not be a problem.

We are more than happy to discuss the viability of your project by phone, e-mail or post.

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