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Diary of an Ordinary Soldier
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Whether you are interested in family history or the Second World War this diary will provide interesting reading. 

A personal account of the experiences of Herbert George Fisher during the period September 1941 to June 1943, which includes the desert campaign in North Africa. It is supported by over 70 photographs taken by the writer at the time, all of which are annotated with names of people and places and dates when taken. 

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Well Done Duffy: The Life and Times of Vincent Brendan Duffy by Himself
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Born into a happy Dublin family in the 1920s, Vincent’s life took an abrupt change when his father died at the age of thirty-three. Left on her own with five young children, Elizabeth Duffy struggled to keep them together.

This is the story of that small part of an extended family from Vincent’s viewpoint; of happy, carefree childhood days; the agonies of separation, lack of education, and growing up; the trials and tribulations of war, love, marriage and the world of crime prevention; of happiness and sadness; and the joys
of family and friends; of one man’s journey through life and, after all that life can deal out over four-score years, of how he is still happy.
The Life and Times of Vincent Brendan Duffy by Himself

This softback contains over 300 pages, with 15 black and white and 12
colour photos, and a names and places index

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The Road To Damascus by Léon Stork
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Religious confusion predominated in the middle-east countries in the millennium before the arrival of Jesus, and this continued for almost two hundred years after the Crucifixion.

Christianity as we now know it, did not exist and there were many splintered factions positioning themselves as adherents to the message of Jesus.

This paved the way for the arrival of Paul, a former leader of the Pharisees whose speciality it was to persecute followers of Jesus through debate, arguments or the use of violent force to prevent their ranks from increasing.

It was a time when the cult of copycat professional prophets prevailed, and their earnings depended on their bogus claims that they had performed miracles.

There were strong influences to undermine the accounts of authors like Luke when he wrote about the two most powerful spiritual events in history.

This softback book contains 185 pages. It is available through abpublishing price £6.99 plus p&p (UK - £1.75; overseas: £3.75 surface mail; £6.50 airmail). Please send a sterling cheque payable to Angela Blaydon Publishing Limited to: abpublishing, 2 Elm Close, Ripley, Woking, Surrey GU23 6LE, England. Alternatively you can click on the title to order via Amazon.co.uk

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A Village: Sometime... Somewhere..

A Novel by Susan Morrison

This is a Limited Edition publication

Can ordinary inhabitants of an obscure village be a threat to a dominant state? By just being themselves can the villagers of Pirl Lea, or Pirley, some say, trigger the stirrings of rebellion?

Set in an unspecified place and time, in an England that has been re-organised by a controlling government, the characters of this village, and prevailing weather conditions that they have learnt to cope with, set in motion far-reaching change.

This softback book contains 106 pages. It is available through abpublishing price £10.00 plus p&p (UK - £2.75; overseas: please contact Mrs Lee). Please send a sterling cheque payable to’ RVH Development Fund’ to Mrs Sarah Lee, RVH Charitable Trust, South View Cottage, Polesden Lane, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6DX. Alternatively you can click on the title to order via Amazon.co.uk .

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be shared equally by St Mary Magdalene Church, Ripley and fund raising for the new Ripley Village Hall.


by J Robert Pegg
ISBN: 978-0-9539821-4-1
PRICE: £10.99

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The basis of this book rests on two newspapers published in Croydon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: The Croydon Advertiser and Surrey County Recorder; and The Croydon Chronicle, Caterham, Oxted, and Godstone News and East Surrey Advertiser. The research was originally undertaken as an element of a Master of Arts (Education) degree by the Author. The research attempts to illuminate the role of local newspapers in the period, reporting and disseminating information during a critical period of developmental change in the concept of Physical Education in the Public Elementary Schools. All the chapters in the book refer to extra-curricula PE in the Borough of Croydon from 1893-1910. They include: Drill in Croydon 1893-1910; The Origins and Development of Association Football; The Origins of Cricket; The Problem of Drink; The Courlander Cup Cricket Competition; The Origins and Development of Athletics; and The Origins and Development of Swimming; all with end-notes. There are, as well, an Introduction, Conclusion and Bibliography.

This softback book contains 100 pages. It is available through abpublishing price £9.90 plus p&p of £3.75. Please send a sterling cheque payable to Angela Blaydon Publishing Limited to: abpublishing, 2 Elm Close, Ripley, Woking, Surrey GU23 6LE, England. Alternatively you can click on the title to order via Amazon.co.uk at the full price.


Publications by others
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1 Amazon
On this site you will find many specialist as well as general books on genealogy, history - local and social - and archaeology. Just click the link. Alternatively, use the links below to go directly to the specific book.

2 The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers
Take a closer lookThe genealogist’s Bible. This publication not only gives you maps of each county and its parishes, but also lists dates of registers and by whom they are held.

3 Swing Unmasked - The agricultural riots of 1830 to 1832 and their wider implications
Take a closer lookedited by Michael Holland
ISBN: 0954818008
Publisher: FACHRS Publications
Price: £16.50 + p&p of £3.50 UK, £4.50 overseas surface; £8.50 overseas airmail
Available from: FACHRS Publications, Pilcot House, Pilcot, Dogmersfield, Hook, Hants RG27 8SY, or via their online shop at: www.shop.fachrs.org.uk

Also available: Complementary CD of data £10 + p&p of £1.50 UK, £2.50 overseas surface; £3.50 overseas airmail (non-EU), £4.76 airmail Australia, New Zealand, USA. Please send orders to The Archive in Aspley Guise (address above), or via the Society's online shop at www.shop.fachrs.org.uk

This first publication of the Family & Community Historical Research Society's publishing arm, FACHRS Publications, launched on 21 May 2005 by Emeritus Professor Michael Drake of the Open University, comprises a collection of eleven essays based on the Society's recent national research project into the Swing Riots and refer to incidents in Surrey, Shropshire, Essex, Derbyshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Norfolk, as well as essays of a more general nature, a consolidated bibliography, two appendices detailing alphabetically the victims and protesters with their parishes and offences, a surnames index and a subject index.

A CD-ROM containing databases of law breakers and protesters from the Swing protest era contain 3,521 names of offenders and victims and 3,318 recorded events that complements the book is also available.

4 Archaeology: an Introduction
Take a closer lookAuthor: Kevin Greene Price: £19.99 Paperback ISBN: 0415233550 The archaeology lovers' bible.

5 The Parish Chest: A Study of the Records of Parochial Administration in England
Take a closer lookAn extremely informative book, detailing the role of the English parish over the centuries.

6 Genealogical Research Directory: National and International
A comprehensive list of researchers and their interests worldwide, with added sections on one-name studies, list of genealogical societies, archives, record offices, etc., published annually. Available in Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South and Central Africa and the USA.

Please contact abpublishing stating your country of residence for relevant address. This Directory is also available on CD-ROM.

These directories are no longer being produced due to the authors retiring, but the information is contained on CD.

7 The Well-ordered Town - A Story of Saffron Walden, Essex 1792 - 1862
Take a closer lookThis book is relevant to all those studying 19th century towns. It portrays the social history of a market town in East Anglia during the first half of the century, with the emphasis on the lives of the poor. There are explorations of town politics, old and new poor laws, crime, philanthropy, education, religion and other topics, with widespread use of primary sources. As a case study of a typical market town, in its rural context, it should interest not only those in the locality, but also family historians with connections to the area, academic students needing referenced material on Essex and all those fascinated by the dynamics of relationships between rich and poor. Most of the surrounding villages are also mentioned extensively, and it is generally an exploration of the problems of the poor in north-west Essex during the first half of the 19th century.

Attractively produced, with 288 pages, including 40 illustrations and pull-out reproductions of antiquarian maps, it is good value at just £10 (+pp £2 UK) from the author, Mrs J. Cooper. Enquiries: e-mail: jacqueline.cooper@virgin.net. Overseas airmail postage rates to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand £7.00 (=total cost £17.00).
It is on sale from Harts'' Bookshop, Saffron Walden Museum or Tourist Information, and from bookshops through the ISBN number, ISBN 1 873669 06 2.

Special Offer - now £10 incl p&p (overseas £15 incl p&p)

8 A Dictionary of English Surnames
Take a closer lookThis dictionary of English surnames provides a guide to the origins of English surnames and how they developed over the centuries. A comprehensive survey of this popular subject, it provides advice on 16,000 surnames, giving full sources and dates. Different forms of names are also cross-referenced for ease of use. A historical and linguistic introduction to the subject is included, along with an appendix on how to trace the origin of a family name.

9 Discover Walden: Saffron Walden Countryside History and Wildlife Walks
Take a closer lookBy Jacqueline Cooper (also author of ''The well ordered town: a story of
Saffron Walden 1792-1862'')

This is a pocket-sized guide to the country walks around the fine medieval
market town of Saffron Walden, north-west Essex. Whereas other walking
guides tend to give just route directions and little information, this book
is packed with fascinating historical detail and wildlife notes about the
places passed en route. It includes clear maps, local photographs and
charcoal illustrations specially drawn by American artist Julie Lynne. There
are 8 walks leaving Saffron Walden in various directions, including the
hamlets of Sewards End and Little Walden, and the ninth walk is an
exploration of the adjoining parish of Ashdon.

Price: £5 incl. p&p (overseas rates on request)

Special offer: order ''Discover Walden'' and ''The well ordered town'' at a
joint price of £12 (normally £14) + postage.

10 Bishop’s Stortford: A History
This is the first fully-illustrated chronology of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, to be published for many years, covering the entire period from pre-history to the present-day. From its beginnings as a Roman wayside settlement further upstream, Stortford grew in medieval times to become an important market town and later a coaching centre. With the coming of the Turnpike and then the Navigation in the 18th century, and the railway in the 19th century, it grew even more prosperous. The story of Stortford reflects how transport and communications can shape the growth of a community, even up to the present day when the expansion of Stansted Airport continues to affect the town which lies nearest. The author has uncovered much original material on the town's past, and uses many examples from primary archives. In addition there are 150 illustrations, both old and contemporary, many seldom seen before, and maps produced specially for the book.

Jacqueline Cooper
Fully indexed, with a bibliography, 'Bishop's Stortford: a history' is published by Phillimores, the leading publishers of local history in the UK.
144 pages; 150 illustrations; hardback; price £16.99 + £2.00 postage

For details on how to obtain your copy please e-mail the author on jacqueline.cooper@virgin.net.

11 The Schools on Benenden Green 1609-2009: Benenden Church of England Primary School and its Predecessors
Take a closer lookby Ernest Pollard, Dawne Bailey and Valerie Moore,
published by Ladoga in 2009.
Illustrated. 44pp. ISBN 978-0-9552554-1-0

This book was written to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the schools on Benenden Green. The Gibbon Free School for boys was founded in 1609 by a wealthy local clothier. The trustees’ book (1688 – 1890s) provides, for much of the period, a record of the school and the school farms. The original schoolhouse is still in use. The National School for girls was founded in 1860 as an Industrial School, where the girls learnt home-making skills. A Victorian log book came to light during research for the book. The two schools were amalgamated under Kent County Council in 1925. The joint school, which became the village Primary school, was described in detail in the1930s by a student teacher who had been a pupil there. The war period, with pupils on watch for flying bombs, is included in another log book and in the collected memories of former pupils which complete the book.

Available from E.Pollard at lace@pollardweb.com , price £6 (including p&p) in the UK. For other countries contact E.P. for the price. Proceeds go to the Primary School.

12 The Pollards of Beeston: A century of lacemaking
Take a closer lookThe importance of this booklet as a record of machine lace making in Beeston cannot be overstated. It tells the story of four generations of Pollards, lace makers and their factory, Swiss Mills. The book was a cooperative effort by the five surviving children of John Pollard, the last of the family to make lace in Beeston. They were able to draw on a body of family memories and a unique archive of family and factory papers, photographs, wages books, lace pattern books and ledgers.

It describes the early growth of the factory, which included two strikes, something of the process of lace making, its marketing and its workers - including designers, draughtsmen, improvers, card-punchers, twisthands, threaders, jackers off and menders. Finally, it describes the slow and inevitable decline of the factory, and indeed of the lace trade, a victim of changes in fashion, the depressions of the 1920s and 1930s, and two World Wars.

John Pollard, the last of the family to make lace , saw the factory at its peak in his boyhood in the early 1900s, but spent most of his working life during the decline of the trade. He oversaw the sale of machines in the 1950s and the eventual sale of the factory. Much of the complex was destroyed in a spectacular fire in 1984, which many Beeston people will remember. John died in 1997, aged 97; his long life and knowledge of lace made him an invaluable source for Sheila Mason’s Nottingham Lace 1760s to 1950s, by far the most complete history of the factory industry.

This book, ISBN 978-0-9552554-0-3, is available from Ernest Pollard, priced at £5 including post and packing in the UK, ( £5.50 to Europe and £6.00 elsewhere in the world) All proceeds, excluding p&p, will be donated to Ataxia UK. Contact the author at: lace@pollardweb.com to ask for details of how you can pay by cheque.

13 Breaking New Ground: Nineteenth century allotments from local sources
Take a closer lookThis book offers important new evidence about the history of 19th century allotments, and shows how deeply embedded they were in rural society. Based on a nationwide research project, Breaking New Ground reveals that allotments were numerous and widespread, cherished not only by agricultural labourers, but also by tradesmen, artisans and industrial workers. They were not just a means of alleviating poverty, but a major institution of Victorian village life.

The fifteen chapters include detailed local studies of how allotments developed all over England – in East Anglia, the West Country, southern England, the Midlands and elsewhere. Aspects of allotment history, little explored before, come under the spotlight: the moral dimension of allotment rules, the link between allotments and riots, the intervention of paternalistic employers and the people’s desire for allotments to replace lost rights of common.

Accompanying the book is a CD containing a database of over 3,000 allotment sites, by far the most comprehensive yet published, and nearly 1,000 allotment tenants, of particular interest to local and family hsitorians. This important new book, the outcome of work by the Family & Community Historical Research Society, will change the way we look at 19th century allotments.

Edited by Jeremy Burchardt and Jacqueline Cooper
ISBN: 978 0 9548180 1 2
Publisher: FACHRS Publications
Publication date: 8 May 2010
Price £12 + p&p of £4.00 UK including complementary Data CD

Available from: FACHRS Publications, Pilcot House, Pilcot, Dogmersfield, Hook, Hants RG27 8SY or via their online shop at: