Welcome to ab publishing

The purpose of this site is to create a focal point for anyone interested in any aspect of history, including English and world history, archaeology, social and local history, and genealogy, and to give those wishing to, an opportunity to publish relevant information online.

Although this is a British-based site, if you have information or comments relating to other countries, your input will be just as valuable. It is hoped that as more people access this site they will help it grow into a useful tool. Included already are some databases of surnames. If you have an interest in any of the names you are invited to submit entries for inclusion in the databases, thereby increasing their usefulness to everyone. 

Some publications are also listed and recommended, and information is given on where they can be obtained. There is also a forum where any subject, so long as it relates to some form of history, can be debated, along with specific fora for the individual surnames on this site. 

Family trees relating to the surname databases searchable on this site are also available. If you can add details to these, please hit the contact link and give details, heading your subject line with the relevant site section. Finally, there is a page of links to various history and genealogy web sites. If you have any comments, suggestions or wish to submit information for inclusion, please hit the contact link stating in the subject line the section of the web site for which you are submitting information/commenting on. 

Please sign the guestbook. Constructive comments and criticisms are always welcome.